Many say money is the root of all evil. Evilness takes place when people do terrible things for the sake of money, may it be on material purposes or managing a relationship with your family, friends, colleague or even sometime’s an issue between your partner.

The money issue is probably one of the reasons why some relationships fail for money plays an important role in our daily needs. Financial troubles mostly occur when partners talk money too much rather than the good aspects of their relationships. This may be the root of conflicts and misunderstanding.

Here are some reasons how money weakens the stability of a relationship;

When earning money becomes a priority rather than the relationship

Though money plays an important role for the financial needs of a relationship, and so as the person needs to work hard to earn money, chances are, the partners will not be able to focus building memories together. Further issues could happen when couples are losing time to each other. A relationship must be in a win-win situation where partners are balancing work to earn money and at the same time, gives their quality time to each other.

Partner spends too much

The problem occurs when one person is a spendthrift and it can be more difficult if the other person won’t admit that he or she is bad with money. Handling the situation in a wrong way could eventually destroy a relationship due to poor attempts to stop the person from doing it again.

Fighting over money too often

Probably, couples who fight over money may consider themselves to be in an unhealthy relationship. Money issues may worsen the stability of the relationship especially when they talk about it over and over again.

Income competition within partners

Couples need to understand that the income of one may differ to another. Besides, income is should not be a competition in a serious relationship. Showing respect and supporting each other is very important when it comes to handling the finances. Have a wise plan on how you can be able to save money rather than taking each other’s income into a competition.

Falling in love with your partner’s pockets rather than your partner

Never date someone just because he can buy you expensive stuff or bring you to high-class restaurants. Most often than not, it’s a sugar-coated effort.  Learn when to appreciate genuine efforts, actions and character than just focusing on your partner’s wealth.

Too greedy, selfish and materialistic

Money may destroy a relationship when someone is too selfish to share or too materialistic. Materialism and greediness may cause a person to spend money unwisely, thus creating financial pressure in a relationship. Couples may need to seek psychology consultants to help them solve the problem when it comes to spending.

Ironically, who would not want a well-established partner who has a permanent work and can take over the responsibilities in terms of financial aspect for the future? Just remember that responsible and smart saving may prevent money troubles and will let the relationship grow and become stable.

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