A study shows that many men prefer dating women who are way younger than them. Why is that so?

They say younger women are easy to relate well to, look good, and make men’s ego feel good. In addition, young ladies have the positivity, energy, and naturalness that make them more attractive. But wait, there’s more!

  • No drama. Men find younger women humble – no drama at all. And, they totally adore it.
  • Offers motivation. Women who are years younger help men achieve most things they desire to achieve. They motivate men to get out and enjoy life by experiencing things they have not already done.
  • Full of energy. Probably this is one of the most important attributes among younger women. They can keep up with men all the time.
  • Carefree attitude. Younger women who are spontaneous, free spirited and less hypercritical make them more appealing to men. They do not have a list of career or qualities they want in a partner.
  • Share similar need for connection. For those who are dead beat of the rat race and is looking for more connection, having a young lady beside you is a real advantage. She can be compatible with you in that she’s looking for more connection as well.

  • No settling down. Another thing that makes younger women a good catch is that they’re not very eager to have a ring on their finger. This is an advantage particularly to those who are not yet ready to tie the knot. These women are only interested in going out and in having fun – that’s all. It seems like they’re more willing to allow things take their artless course.
  • Easier to impress. Aside from those, dating a younger lady can make you a cruise director instantly. How? You can show off your properties, tell her your fave secret place which most likely she has not experienced yet. Unlike experienced and successful career women, they are way easier to impress. They won’t even hesitate to be accompanied around. Most women desire for a man who has a plan and executes it well.

Whether you like it or not, younger women will feel embarrassed dating someone older than her. Sometimes, they will feel ‘weird’ or ‘wrong’ about it. But most of the time, it is because of their insecurity.

To help you overcome such resistance, hold strongly on your belief that age isn’t a big deal. Show her that you are not intimidated by your age difference. To do that, bring it up. Make fun of it instead. Tease her playfully for being young, pretty naïve lady. Discuss this matter like it is a really big joke and a truly waste of time to talk about. Make her laugh about it so she will feel more at ease with it.  Above all, don’t treat her like a casual fling or past-time lover, but your most-loved girlfriend.

There you have it! These days, age doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy her company. That’s more important.

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